i have been with my girl friend 7 months. i am 17. i am so confused with what i want. i know i want a relationship like the one i have but im unsure if i want it now. i feel as though i am missing out on being a teenage boy. i dont know if i should stay with her or if i should become single again. what should i do?

Blakey22 Blakey22
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

dude, im 30 years old now. When i was in high school i didnt really know how to talk to girls and i found this decent looking girl and dated her for atleast 3 or 4 years from age 17 till maybe 21. I feel like i am a good looking guy these days even though im older. When i was 17 i was kinda clueless about style and girls. Let me tell you BREAK UP WITH HER! Dont date a girl seriously untill you are atleast 24 or 25 or older. I dated a total of 2-TWO girls from age 16 to age 27 and they were not that pretty and were a drag on me, plus they kept me from enjoying my youth and hanging with the guys. When i turned 27 i realized i didnt have to put up with these looser girlfriends and realized i was actually good looking and had quite a bit of game with the girls. I have had the "TIME OF MY LIFE" dating different girls since then. I now am confident and know how to talk to girls easily! I go out with various girls regularly and enjoy not being tied down. Im not bragging but when you are confident and dress decent and stay in shape you can have almost any girl. I have dated some of the most beautiful girls in the southeast. Im confident, i try to dress nice but i dress like a guy should (dont be a metrosexual) dress like a masculine all american guy and be confident. Date mant girls and i promise you will love it. You have plenty of time to settle down once you turn thirty. Trust me bro, enjoy your youth and your young body and dont date a girl now. You have plenty of time for that down the road. I wish i could go back to your age with the knowledge i have now. If you date around now and be a lil mysterious the girls will want you even more. Hit me back if you have any more questions. But i promise you wont regret being single while you are young!!!!