Small Panty House Sitting

I have a good friend named Steph. She is a skinny brunette lesbian and she knows my secret. We have this little "game" we like to play. She often travels so she has me house sit for her and feed her 2 cats.

Ordinarily, if I had this opportunity at a girl's house I'd meticulously go through her hamper, panty drawer, closet, etc. Try on some items, making sure to leave no trace and maybe steal an item or two if I'm certain it won't be missed. But this is not the case with Steph.

Steph will leave things out for me. Since she is real small and doesn't want all her panties and lingerie ruined by stretching over my big hairy body, she chooses some items she wants to sacrifice to me. Usually it is some worn out panties or bra, pantyhose with holes or a run, and rarely she'll leave out something new or super sexy for me to have my way with. I will destroy them by stretching them over my bubble butt, getting skid marks and *** on them. When done, I leave them out for her to discover the evidence. When she house sits for me she'll steal my panties and I have to guess what she took if I want it back. It is a fun little game.

She was gone for 2 days this weekend. Friday night, I came into the house. 1st thing I close all the blinds and ***** off my clothes. In the living room there was a white silk robe laying over the couch. I pulled it on. It was tight across my shoulders. I rubbed the silk on my naked crotch. In the bathroom, the hamper had 3 pairs of panties, all pretty worn out. I pulled on a white satin pair. They only went half way over my ***. They were dirty and I could smell Steph's ***** as the fabric pushed against my balls. My had **** would fit in.

Also in the bathroom, an almost empty lip stick and blush lay on the counter. I smothered my lips and left a kiss print on the mirror for Steph. There was lesbian **** magazine next to the toilet.

In the bedroom, Steph had thrown a pair of pantyhose and a worn out blue padded bra over the door, a silk handkerchief was on the door nob. I pulled on the nude pantyhose, they got many more runs as I did. I took off the robe and put on the bra. Size 32B. It was very tight around my chest.

On the night stand there was a vibrator, lube and the TV control with a post it note that said play. I got on the bad with the robe underneath me. I turned on the TV and pressed play. It was a sex tape. Steph and her new girlfriend. I was stroking my **** while they kissed and pet. Steph pulled on a strap on and I grabbed for the ***** and lube. I shoved it in my *** and let the tight white satin panties hold it in.

Steph was pounding this girl and she was moaning. I spread my legs so wide the pantyhose ripped and were now two thigh highs. I jerked my **** and fondled the bra. As I climaxed the clasps of the bra broke. I caught my *** in the silk handkerchief. How fun was that?

I did this two more days until Steph returned. I found a few other items she left for me. I left all the evidence for her to find (except for cleaning the ***** well.)
Kiki31 Kiki31
31-35, M
May 15, 2012