i really wish i was a captive bound and gagged and blindfolded. i would love to be torture or left alone.
i may be young, but i really enjoy this even when i watch it on t.v.
i've never done it before, it would be great if someone did.

i don't really care how much u bound me or gag me. it would still be fun.

i'll just have to be patient......

i wish there was someone out there that could help me
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Yeah, come on, stop teasing; anyway I am in England so you can't tie and gag me (more's the pity).

Me neither :-( Totally confused and frustrated as usual.

Now I AM CONFUSED. Who are you communicating to nickml and bless you at same time.

Hey um if u wouldn't mind waiting fOr me I'm in school high school and can I have ur email?

I would prefer it if you were female as i have never wanted to tie up and gag a guy and I am NOT into torture or anything sexually done to the person who is tied. I would not want it also, I would just love to be tied and gagged!

You and me Bud; minus the tortue and blindfold.

Me as well i would love to be hogtied by a woman she could do it as tight as she likes do you no of eny one

no :-(

Thats a sham i cant seem to get eny woman to tie me up whats wrong with them

It's complicated, unless they are Mistresses or Doms which is far out of my league as they expect to torture you and I am definitely NOT INTO THAT!

Same as that just wont to be tied up and lift to get out or not

Exactly. The excitement / terror and delight are achieved through having your power taken away from you and put in a dangerous position for a while: it can ce exillarating and terrifying at the same time.

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