High In The Air

I started by drilling into the cieling above the bottom (foot) of the bed. then I installed eye hooks 8' apart in the holes I drilled. Then pullies attached to the eye hooks. Now I made large loops at the end of each 8' rope and covered the soft nylon rope with padding. Then I slipped the ropes through the pullies and I was able to lift my feet, and *** off the bed. When my *** got off the bed my feet were close to as far apart as they have ever been before. I was playing around for about 30 min. or so and I was getting pretty good. I could pick my whole body up and move myself from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed. Only one time I went to far and our bed is so high above the ground, when my body went off it did not touch the ground. So now I am stuck, realy stuck and worse of all I was getting excited (pop'n a *****) hanging there. My sexual preference is that I prefer someone who is goodlooking, I am Bi. My fiance does not know this and her Gay brother does not know this either. And yes the gay brother caught me, first I was freaked out until I saw he had a nice 9 to 10 inch ****.after he teased me and got naked he kneeled down in front of my face, saying " I am going to feed you ever inch and you are going to like it." Well he was right, as his balls bounced off my face I was realy getting into it...when all of a sudden his **** just dissapeared. As I moaned for him to put his big **** back in my mouth...I felt his warm cumm dripping down my chin and now landing on my tounge. He slowly slid his **** back in my mouth and I drank him dry. I could feel his **** get smaller...but just as I was noticing how small it was getting I felt him start to finger my ***. And just as he was making my ******* pucker and quiver I felt the monster cumm alive again, his **** was growing so ****** fast it made me gasp and choke. He pulled out of my mouth and said , "Let's get you down from there, I have a better idea." And boy did he, now on my knees he tied my wrists to my knees, in this position I could feel the large head of his **** just putting pressure on my *******. He put a ton of lotion on my ***, and then began to message my back starting at the bottom he worked his way up the middle of my back to my shoulders...I heard him say, "READY" nice and loud, but I was so relaxed I could barely mutter any words I just moaned as I was doing all morning, with my reply of "UHUH" he grabbed my shoulders like he was hangiing on for dear life, and drove his ten inch **** all the way in my ***. I let out the biggest moan of extasy I have ever spewed...as he drove his **** in and out of my *** while he stroked my **** and told me he was going to make me eat my own cumm. Of course or thank god I don't know which one works better here, BUTT he blew a second load of cumm in my ***, I could feel his warm silky **** squirt up inside me, it felt so wierd ...BUTT GOOD...which caused me to be so excited I could no longer handle it I simply let go and exploded. As I began to scream, he pushed my head to one side and rolled me on my back, he took my **** and aimed towards my mouth and said, "OPEN UP" and I did as stated he did make me eat my own juice, which again was kinda wierd BUTT I realy liked it. I need someone not related to me to re-enact this whole seinario...any takers? I am local to CA Sac. up in the foothills Auburn area (530) 559-3045
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I am a guy and i love a guy to also to that to me i dream of being tied and whipped untl i bag for his d*** but first i want him to whip me merously