Me And My Fantasy Girl.

I have a friend that I used to work with, she had a motorcycle similar to mine and she would often call me and say let's go riding. We usually went to see a friend of hers whose band was playing somewhere nearby. However one time we went out riding and she told me we were going to a bar so I wore appropriate clothing. It just so happened that her friend showed up and was ready to party. Her friend was, and probably still is drop dead gorgeous. 5'11" long blonde hair and just beautiful. We danced a couple of times and we have talked a few others, if I ever met a woman that I would want to tie me up and have her way with me she is the one. I can imagine answering the door and there she is asking to come in. "Sure come on in, can I get you anything?" "Yes", she says, "naked". Startled, I start to turn around as she grabs my arms and quickly places handcuffs on me. She pushes me onto my sofa and tears my shorts off. As soon as she has them off, she forces a ball gag in my mouth. She stands me up and huskily whispers in my ear "Give me the guided tour, please." She then takes me in her hand and leads me through my house to the nearest bedroom where she pushes me down on my back and ties my legs spread wide. She cuts all of the clothes that I still have on off. Once she has me bound down and naked she starts to tell me how the following week will work out, if I pay attention, which I do.
I am still waiting to see this one through, any ladies out there want to lend a hand and make my fantasy come true.
Tie4two Tie4two
56-60, M
Sep 12, 2012