She Wants Me To Do What!?

A while back when i was in the 6th grade a friend came over for the night. She was blonde like me and blue eyes like me. And we watched a movie that had someone tied up, gagged, and blindfolded I forgot what movie it was. When the movie was over she looked at me with a very evil look on her face "Get on the table." She said "WHAT!?" I screamed "You heard me get on the table." She was stronger than i was at the time so I did what she said I got on the table and it really hurt. It was a small 3ft table and at the time i was 5'2 so half of my body was hanging off of the table. "Good, OOOOOHHHHH wait we cant have you like this." She giggled. Se went up stairs we were in the basement really cold by the way I was wearing a tank-top and short-shorts. Then she came back down the stairs I was still laying on the table. She had a bin filled with scarves some rope a bandana a sock and some duct tape. She came walking over then she put the bin down and pulled up the chair we had down there. I looked at her with a weirded out look on my face "We are going to play a game." She said "You be the captured guy that gets tied up and tortured. And i will be your captor." She continued. Then she took out the first piece of rope and tied my hands behind my back. I struggled and screamed my mom and dad were gone at the time for a few hours. "Oh we cant have you screaming like that Cydni (that is how you spell my name)" Then she took out the dict tape and the sock and bandana. She first stuffed the sock in my mouth and put her hand on my mouth i screamed still it was still pretty loud "Oh looks like that didn't gag you enough." She said. Then she stuffed the bandana in my mouth and then she put the duct tape on my mouth she went around my head and over my mouth at least five times. I screamed and it was pretty muffled. "There that should do the trick." She giggled then she tied my arms to me with some more rope. And then she tied my ankles together and my knees than she laid me on my stomach and she took out the last piece of rope out and than she hog tied me. She looked at me and
smiled. Than she took out two scarves one went around my mouth i sighed thinking (great another gag?!) and then the other went around my eyes like a blind fold. '"There your all done" i struggled a bit and screamed and then she tortured me for hours and when she was done she left me there all day moved me out of sight when my parents came down stairs. And she actually didn't stop tying me up the next day so this is how i got into bondage and tell me if i should keep telling you guys my stories. :)
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how did she torture you?

Sounds amazing would love to meet this woman and let her have her way with me. Would love to her more stories and what else she did to torture you.