I'd Love To Be Tied Up By A Female

I'd love to be tied up by a female around my age.

To be grabbed from behind, put on a chair, then getting tied up to the chair with ropes while she handgags me with soft, cold hands while being naked. While I struggle and hmmpphh she would keep me handgagged tight while kissing me and using her other hand to touch me everywhere, when I'm all fired up, she starts giving me a slow *******, while slowly getting faster and faster until I can't take it anymore and explode.

Aaahhh... That would be so awesome lol, yeah I'm submissive with sexual activities, probably because I'm always in control of my life lol.
Junkard Junkard
22-25, M
1 Response Oct 12, 2012

That sounds kinky and sexy ;) I'm sure you'll find a girl that would love to handgag you!

I certainly hope so, I bet I'd explode the first time hahahahhaa.

Hahaha this must be one of your sexual fantasies that you were talking about ;) Nice Nice. You most likely will find someone that would happily do that for you!

Hahaha well, I have a wild imagination, though it's mostly nothing to do with sex lol, but yeah this is one of them, I love it lol. I certainly hope so, that would be heaven!

what about you


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