Use Me

I really want a guy to pick me up in a bar or club, take me back to his house and throw me down on hisbed. I want him to hold me down so I try to squirm free but don't let me go. Tie my hands to his bed and gag me. I want him to rip my top and suck on my nipples. I want him to pull my skirt and panties off and play with my ***** untill I'm dripping wet. Tease me until my body aches and begs for him to **** me senseless. Then he removes the gag and puts his **** in my mouth, thrusting it deep into my throat. I will lick and suck every inch of it. Before he ****, he will take it out of my mouth and gag me again. Then he will punish my ***** with his pulsing **** making the gag well worth while. I want him to use and abuse my ***** any way he wants. I'll be his sex toy.
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6 Responses Apr 30, 2013

Right there with you other than the gag. Other than that, sign me up!

oooohhh yeeeeahhhhh


oohhh ******* yeahhhh the nly bit I'll pass on is the bar. Otherwise it's all me.. especially gagging you with your own wet panties!


I'll do it. Where do I sign up?