Would Love It.

I fantasize all the time about having someone to tie me up and do whatever they wish with me.  I love the sense of helplessness, I've tied myself but I've always been in control and able to free myself whenever I want.  I've never really been completely at the mercy of another.

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I love this sort of thing and I love tying people up so they can't escape until I let them out. Add me and we can chat.

Friend me. It's time.

I guess we're on the same boat.. We ought to get together but its never possible unless we live in the same country.. but atleast i knew someone felt this way too=)

I will say be very careful with who you choose to do this with. You need to have complete trust in them before you allow this. I would love to get to know you and maybe fullfill your fantasy if you find that you could trust me. If you are interested let me know. Would love to be your friend.

Wow...so many of you who like to be tied up, and little ol' me who loves to do the tying...My fantasy is to take two of you at once and bind you into a position so that any move you make would be sexually stimulating to the other...I have some very creative Ideas...

I'm in

I think of this all the time.

With the right and trustworthy person or people, being tied and made helpless and available to their will is sooo exciting. I tell you this from experience. The possibilities are endless!

Its a pity all us that like to be tied up and also would love to tie some one up dont live close enough to fullfil ones dreams .I live in Australia where are you guys ???

I know how you feel... Helplessness can be very exciting :P

If there are any women in the London area who would be willing to help me out, I would love to be tied up spreadeagled and then tickled and teased without mercy by one or more women.<br />
Please let me know if you're interested.<br />
I would also be happy to return the favour if required ;-)

yea if only...thanks

Oh baby if only. Love to fulfill your desires.

i would love to tie you up and do whatever i want to you? wow the things i could do to tease you and excite you all while your being unable to stop me ...ill be thinking about all the hot lil things in my mind for you......

I always wanted something like that. It has happened to me several times. Oooooh the heart-pounding excitement!!! You must be very caution because of the obvious dangers...

Your chance will come, just be patient. And if you'd like, I'll tie you up.:)

please tie me up i will do anything for you

What would you do if you tied me up??

I spent many years (decades) like that. Tied myself on a regular basis. I finally talked the love of my life into tying me up helplessly. It really is much better.