Never Underestimate a Woman

My partner and i had been going through a rough patch of late what with me working long hours feeling tired things were a little strained. On this particular evening we were watching a late night sex program in which a woman had her man tied up and performing alsorts of things there after, i gave a sarcastic chuckle, as if some female could do that what aload of trash and turned the t.v. off retiring to the bedroom.

     A couple of month's later i arrived home from work somewhat earlier than normal, put the key in the lock and it would open it was locked on the inside,after ringing the bell i heard my partner Sarah's footsteps coming up the hallway. Come she said and stand there in a very firm and poisitive voice, now go upstairs and shower when you are done stand on  the landing without clothes and call me when you are done i have a little surprise for you she said.

    I was soon showered and did as she asked, awaiting nervously, "just wait a bit" Sarah shouted "i'll be right there", sure enough up she came took my hand and led me to the bedroom, i can tell you i was feeling kind of excited and nervous at the same time, ok kneel down, she then put a blindfold on me very tight and seemed like a lot of straps," now i want you to do exactly what i ask no questioning what is going on ok" "yes ok i replied. Next i was made to stand up and she put a pair of pvc pants on me then some pvc outfit was put ver my head and zipped in position "there " she said "how does that feel " ok i suppose i replied, right now i'll help you to lie on  the bed, she kissed my cheek and then put me the bed where upon my wrists were cuffed to the wall and my legs spreadeagled to the bed in more cuffs "there" she said removing my blindfold remember that late night program where the woman tied the guy up think about it while i go and change and don't bother struggling you are not going to escapei had a builder fix those rings to wall very securely i am sure he wondered what was going on anyway i'll be right back.

    I lay there getting very hot and also very worried but soon Sarah returned dressed up in a sexy black pvc outfit carrying a whip. She put me through hell doing everthing and anything she wanted hell i was helpless, now still think some female could not do this ! I was speechless i was so hot and sweaty begging her for my release NO WAY she yelled and put the blindfold back on followed by a ball gag. Just then the doorbell rang, quick undo me i tried to say but must have kinda sounded like mmmmph mmph mmmmmmph.Sarah laughed and went to answer the door,HI Becks i heard her say oh bloody hell not her she would love to me humiliated like this, come up i have some thing to show you. "Oh my ha ha ha not so clever now are we"she said c"can i take some pics Sarah, of course be my guest i could hear them both giggling ok i'll tell you what we will do Sarah we'll keep these photo's for blackmail purposes so we can have him like this when ever we want, what a great idea Becks but lets  get changed and go out for a drink, you'll be ok won't you hunny mmmmmmph mph i take that was a yes bye see later they both kissed me and left me helpless. Three hours or so later they returned but i was left all night Sarah said as a punishment for my comments about woman the other evening and now would have to suffer this when they wanted me to or suffer the consiquences !

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8 Responses Jul 11, 2009

I'd like that to happen to me, though with my hands cuffed behind my back. Nice!<br />
<br />
Can I please beta-read this? I'm sorry, but your punctuation and grammar are atrocious!

Very lucky man

Oh man, you lucky stiff!

GOOD FOR BOTH OF YOU !!! I am a Master, and even I think this was VERY warented !!! <br />
<br />

Too short - but yes, HOT!

I just love that story, just wish i could find a woman to do things like this with..

Sounds good fun!.I bet you enjoyed it.

OK, that one got me hard. I would love to have something similar.