Im Just So Lonely

It started when i went to an `orentation` to be in high school. Some sophmores talked to us about the high school, explaining rules and classes. That was when i met the love of my life. He spoke to us about classes, but i was too busy staring into his face, trying to decipher his expressions, and memorizing every single thing about him. he was perfect. i knew it then, and i know so now.  i left that day, not knowing how important he would become to me.

After that school ended, and i continued to think bout him and wat he meant to me.  i didnt kno for sure. Then i found out my brother txted him. i got his number, and began to text him. he was perfect. he was funny and nice and understanding and everything i could ask for. we liked the same things, music and books and movies and things like that. sometimes i thought he was falling for me, complimenting me and being so warm, even thro txt. but then everything began to change

he began to get so cold an distant, and i worried about him, but was also worried that mayb i did something wrong. then he stopped txting me completly. i was worried to death, and freaked out. i cheked my brothers fone, and he was still txting him. i knew i did sometthing wrong

and now, i still love him and everyday love him more. i need to get over him, but i CANT!!!!!!!!!!! please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
missindependent383 missindependent383
13-15, F
Jul 28, 2010