Last time I was in a relationship, my partner and I stayed together for a year, which I admit was difficult. But the worst part was when we were about to leave each other, my partner used the pains of my past against me, claiming that he didn't believe me, that I was lying, and that I deserved it. He judged me when he barely knew me on those points. We had been together for over a year and yet he didn't know the most important and significant things about me. He accused me of his friends pulling away from him, when in reality his friends were defending me from my partner. He accused me of being a burden and complicated. I would understand if he had not referred it to my past that was resurfacing. I didn't miss him when he was gone, I didn't want him back. But I still cried every night because of the memory of the things he said and accused me of.
Brielle18 Brielle18
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013