25 years later. Yes, 25... I grew up on love ballads, hair bands, metal and plain old rock and roll. I don't remember, but apparently I helped launched two careers into the music scene, one, very very successful. I've always wanted to be able to play the guitar. I learned a few things in HS, but I was busy with another instrument. I sold my guitar at 17 and hadn't played since. My ex wife (insert expletive here) wanted to learn how to play. I bought her a guitar. The first time we sat down and I was going to teach her the little I knew, I didn't know what she wanted to know and she literally got up, said never mind and walked away. When she left me, she left the guitar. I plucked around for several months, nothing serious, until I moved. Something happened and like my drawings, it just clicked and made sense. I've been learning and playing for almost a year. I've always pined over the song Love Song by Tesla. Always put it in the back of my mind as, nope, that's not gonna happen. Today. I figured it out. 25 years of self doubt, loss of self worth and the denial of any kind of ability and now...I'm giggling like a school girl.
There's a heartfelt message in there somewhere someone can take from all of this, but my fingers hurt and I don't want to type anymore ;)
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