Just The Once!!

its a bit of a diifcult subject being a man lol, but i always remember as a young boy, i always saw so many of my friends recieving love letters from their girlfriends (and writing them)!! but i never had a girlfriend, as i have always been quiet, shy and unconfident!! and i never did get a love letter "ever" lol, and it would just be interesting to know what a girl would have written to me in one of these letters lol!!!
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I'd write as many as you'd like, only I need to know if you want them in the first place! I don't want you to think they are "rubbish". But you would be asking me to do one of the things I like best: write. I adore getting love letters too ;)

That is why they make slide rulers!!! :-)

My dearest frog prince,<br />
<br />
It's been a while since we last made love. The feelings we shared are so strong and made us connected even stronger. I longed for your tender moments touch and loving words. I know you need and want me as much as I need and want you babe. Please come home to me, I will be waiting in my white satin sheet... <br />
<br />
Loving you,<br />

Dear Cowshed,<br />
<br />
It's been so long since we've been together and I miss you so much. I keep thinking of the last time we were together and I play the scenes over and over in my mind. I dream of the words you said and the way you touched me. I recall how I watched your face and your eyes as you spoke words of love. I can't help but wonder if you meant them. It seems that if you did, I would have heard from you by now. But I pray that your words were sincere and that it is just circumstances that keep you from me. I lay in bed at night and dream of your return. I fantasize about what you'll say, what I'll say and how it will be when we're together again. I long to be held in your arms once more and feel your lips on mine. You mean so much to me that words just cannot even begin to describe the feelings I have for you. Please, my love, take care of yourself and hurry back to me. I yearn for your quick return.<br />
<br />
All my love, <br />
????<br />
<br />
(How was that?)