I've Been Missing Out Too

Who doesn't yearn for one of these?  I'm a dinosaur now, someone who was around before Twitter and all of our gadgets left bonafide love letters un-thought out and un-written, or so it seems today.  But to actually receive one, filled with the longing, passion and sweet confidences of the author -- Ahhhhh!  How precious.  It must have been something, back in the day before on-line communication, before there were airplanes even, to wait for and receive a hand-written letter from someone dear to our heart.  Many-a-heart was stirred to passion this way.  Think Anne of Green Gables, for instance?  I think that show illustrated the absolute joy of receiving letters.  Oh, the nostalgia is getting the better of me.  When I was a boy I used to write letters long-hand.  They weren't love letters, of course, but the effect was kind of similar whenever I got a hand-written reply:  Joy, excitement, the anticipation of reading it, and feelings of gratitude that someone took the time and made the effort to write back.  That meant something!

Golly.  As a writer, a man of words, and a story-teller, I have composed many an honest letter about my feelings for someone special.  I have found it to be a most enjoyable experience.  With a dictionary in one hand and a thesaurus in the other, so I have no appendage left to write with, I attempt to muster the sweet language that adequately expresses how I am unable to stop thinking about her beautiful face, gorgeous smile, and absolutely sweet voice. 

I understand that it's up to us guys to take the initiative, to be charming and witty and creative and spontaneous.  Just for fun, though, it sure would be nice to get something sweet from a woman, like a hand-written (or even word processed) love-letter.  It's so nice writing them, and I know the girls I've sent them to enjoy receiving them.  It would be neat to get one myself, out of the blue, unexpected, all shy and mushy and sweet as hell. 
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Thanks, WiB.

aw UE ... you're right ... mushy and sweet would be just great! one day my friend ... one day... XX