No More Tears

I have been hurt many times in my life by men that I allowed in my heart. I swore I would never let anyone else touch my heart ever again so the attraction took me by surprise. I honestly didn't think anything would happen past day one other than a little flirting but we instantly had a connection and it is not platonic.   Since then things have been perfect, and I really think I could be falling for him. I suffered through a lot this year, and I feel like he has been my total rock even though he wasn't there for it all.

He is everything I have ever wanted, but I am afraid of getting hurt. I have been hurt so much in the last year especially that there isn’t much left of my heart.  He's been so sweet to me though and makes me feel so special and I am slowly getting past my fears. 

If I had any doubt that I love him I don’t now after spending the last days without him. He was on my mind constantly and I found myself doodling his name on my tax returns and had to go get new forms.  When that phone rang yesterday my heart floated and the butterflies began to dance in my stomach. Just talking to him makes all right in my world.   I am taking a huge leap at this point because I have been through enough heartbreak recently that most people wouldn’t even consider loving again.  Oh well he is worth it. I just hope I can be like the baby shampoo, "no more tears."

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Thanks Rog.