Sex Is Great But.....

So I will admit,I am not the most innocent girl I know.I adore sex,think about it alot,it used to be the only thing I wanted from a man.But now I am looking for something much deeper and satisfying,something that will keep me warm after the ******* is over.I want to make love with someone who loves me in return.I need that close bond that I have never really had.I want someone who wont leave me because I am going through a hard time,someone to love me in spite of my imperfections.I would really like this to happen soon,but it might not.As the saying goes..Patience is bitter,but its fruit is sweet.
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2007

You are pretty young - but thanks for saying that.

If your feeling used something is not right.....dont hang on just to have someone in your life....<br />
It took alot of years for me to be alone....and to feel fine alone .....if your addicted to having some one will never be right...<br />
from a 46 year young gal....b52

I know exactly how you feel. In my last relationship, I had sex but also with such a beautiful, divine connection. In my relationship now, I do love him, but when we have sex I don't feel that connection so much. It's something I desire and it sometimes leaves me unfufilled when I don't feel it. I sometimes, in a sense, feel used without the connection. If that makes any sense.

yeah, it would be nice to actually have a real bond with someone instead of just sex...hey, at least you're getting the sex part's something