I Want and Demand Respect

I've had so Many  men in and out of life ...because all they wanted  was sex , and i refuse to give it up any more .. I want to know someone .. I want them to know me ...and Respect me .. and get to where they love me and if its not possible then i have lost nothing but gained an experience and hopefully a lesson .. Im gettin to old for  men to be comin in and out of my life . I wanna be loved for who i am .. i used to think sex was the beginning of love ... but its totally the opposite .. And its partially my fault .. that ive slept with so many people .. because typically I do it out fear of being  raped .. because i dont know them well enough to know what kind of temper they have .... But im just not meeting people anymore which is safer for me .. Foxy Brown says it best ...
 ***** is power  dont get up off it till he moves you girl and let no man rule your world ...
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2 Responses Jun 18, 2007

sex doesn't mean a man loves you or even likes you. it's no guarantee of commitment, fidelity, nothing. sex is just sex.

That's really good you're seeing things that way now...many men are looking just for sex but not all...protect yourself but it's not always a power trip. Not every guy is trying to only get in your pants. It's good to be defensive b/c many are but I wouldn't categorize all men that way and turn it into a power struggle.