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I have always wanted something more meaningful....but i have trouble letting people get close. I know it's horrible but i'm like a guy in a sense...after sex i lose interest.  Thats not what i'm after....it's just things get complicated....and i have to distance myself. Its far too emotional with women...it's not just about pleasure. Quoting Andy Warhol "The most exciting thing is not doing it. If you fall in love with someone and never do it, it's much more exciting. "
Andy Warhol


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I may be wrong let me know, but I believe I know what you are talking about I have not yet had sex but would like to but I am scared because I have many lovely looking girls for friends and I feel that if I do end up in a relationship I will be a committed at first but then I will lose interest and eventually want nothing to do with the or my friends but I want to find a person who makes me feel like I am the best person I can be that brings meaning to my life and the bed no matter how long we may have “known” each other, but like I said I may be wrong but this could be the direction you are going for tell me if I am not

I think this post either came out wrong...or just has been taken wrong.

YEa, when you "do it" with some guy, afterwards i kinda rate it and if he was horrible, i move on not even considering his feelings, or if he was okay, i would stay for a bit but then feel bad because i know thats not what i want and i NEED something REAL.

lol...interesting! Andy warhol rocks!

Go get it! :P