Normal means you are unable to live a life and be yourself. The ones you hang around change this perspective for you greatly.
I crave a unique life.
I don't want the ideal white picket fince with kids and a nice house.
I dont want a man who will give me anything and everything. I want someone who will bleed for me. I dont want to be showered in gifts. I want a man who cant even afford gifts, but lets me know he cares in other ways.
I want a man with a past. I want to hear his heartbreaking childhood story's at 3'clock in the morning while he sits with a brown paper bag in his hand letting his beer get hot as he's lost in thought.
I wanna know what its like to grow up on the streets.
I want a bad *** who will hurt anyone if they give him the wrong look but me be his exception.
I wanna live in a crowed home where people appreciate the little qualities, like loyalty and trust. Not the toys and tv.
I want something most people dont.. I want to live a life that matters and has meaning where i can learn everyday.
Not be stuck in the same meaning less routine.
Bluee44 Bluee44
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Sounds like what I have always wanted, but people seem so complicated these days, it's like society thinks we're the bad ones for wanting something different

I feel uu, ppl wanna be the same like everyone else. it's time someone stands outt and do something unbelievable, try a different unique style of life, like the one u just mentioned

Normal becomes a bad thing the moment you get out of high school. You're ahead of the game, kid.