Sad But True

There is one goal in my life that I feel I will never attain or have. That goal is to have a biological child of my own.  Time has run out for me.

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You did not just say that Blue. Actually I do have some high quality ***** more often than that if you count my personal trainer friend. lol<br />
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Patch, Awww thanks. I am a good wife/girlfriend though. LOL

I don't think time has run out for you. I think you would make a great mom; you are such a caring person.

Hell girl. You probably have high quality ***** in your bedroom a couple of times a week, at least! LOL

LOL Hmm now if I can find some high quality ***** on the internet lol

See? There is time. My gradmother had my Mom when she was 40 and my uncle when she was 42. She didn't even get married until she was 38. True.

Not yet.

Motherhood is the least selfish thing on the planet you could wish for, girl... And it's not too late. I have a girlfriends that had babies in their 40's, and you are not even there yet, right?

Yes, but they are teens. I want one just a little older than my niece (potty trained) and not a teen (aka known as alien) lol. You know I should appreciate that I did have him. I am selfish.

I'm sorry Sweetie. I know how hard it is on you. You have your niece (who is a baby doll, btw) and your dogs (who are way more spoiled than my kids), but I know that motherhood is something you had way too briefly... Hugs.<br />
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PLUS, I have offered you one of my kids many times. :)