The Rockstar And The Rapper

im the rockstar.
your the rapper.

opposites attract. but we were a wild stretch. i listen to all time low, 3oh!3, metro station<3 and your idols are lil wayne drake and cudi lol. i write poems about meaninful things.. and you blog on twitter about your EVERY MOVE. its ironic that i'd fall in love with someone so different from me. my friends say im too good for you... too smart, good grades, and actual ambition ... your friends say your too good for me... your a player, shes not "easy", shes not worth it. but you saw the good in me just like i saw the good in you. we promised it would just be us against the world. we broke up and made up and broke up and made up..til one day you cant take it anymore and leave me :( i played along but deep down i just assumed you'd come back.. just like all the other times. but you havnt and i cant take it. now your out partying with other girls while im just faking it with other guys... i wish i could see if he is really happy without me? if the 12 months we spent loving eachother so intensely- was for nothing? this whole lets-be-fake-friends-and-never-say-what-we-really-feel thing is really getting to me! they say the couple that fights the most is the one that loves the most.. so arnt we really worth saving?

im afraid i'll never love anyone else as much as i loved him.
i want him, but i know i'll never have him ever again
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18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010