Passionate Love..

I see it everywhere. I watch couples holding hands, whispering softly to each other, maybe exchanging a kiss or two when they think no one is watching. I try to not go where I will find them but they seem to be most places where I am. With the exception of work and my volunteering, I am turning more and more to staying at home, in my room, in front of my computer screen, reaching out and then not knowing how to follow through.

I work near a large university and I watch young couples. I remember the days when I was young and realize with a great deal of sadness that I will never have that time again. I wasted so many years and now all I can do is sit and at times cry for what could have been. I am a good person - I just want someone who loves me with his entire heart and soul. Someone who looks at me and sees a future of fun, laughter, sharing good and bad times. A person who realizes that I will be there for him no matter what time and nature throw in front of us.

As I go past many of the churches in my area, I see folks with families - loving each other and working together to make a union that is strong and is ready to withstand the strength of any storm. I see couples that have been together for as many years as I am old. Special smiles, just the looks that pass between them make me wish for more.

I truly do believe that some people are here "just because". We wander through life unloved and unwanted. Getting involved with "players" who only see us as a means to their end - feeding their egos which are bigger than the Grand Canyon. I could write many stories about the romantic love that I so greatly crave. But they would be just that - fantasy stories. Stories that I can tell myself when I am at my lowest (and there are plenty of days like that). So, I guess I will stay here - "just because".
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I, too, have missed so much from my youth. As they say hindsight is wonderful. I would have loved to have known that kind of passion. But as the years are going by it seems to be more remote. I can, however, still hope. Never give up sweet lady..........

Okay! Here's the deal - ready? If you don't give up then neither will I. I will be checking on you from time to time and be giving you the thumbs up!! :) :)

That's a deal my friend. Support from friends is always welcome and just very nice! Good luck to all the hopeful romantic souls out there (big smile)!!!!!!

Hey, you will have what you want eventually, I have to believe that, else there's no hope for me either! It will happen!

I so hope that you are right. Sometimes it seems that you almost get there and then BOOM! it is gone again. Hmmm have to find a shooting star to wish upon (at least it cannot hurt - lololol). :)

WE need to change your mindset..instead of thinking what happened, make your new life happen. You have the rest of your life in the palm of your hand..think positive...i have faith in you! he will come.

Sweet friend, I know that I am still not in the place that I have to be to make my new life happen. But everyday I am getting closer and closer. Just wondering though - do you think that I will recognize him when he shows up or will Alzheimer's have set in by that point? lololol

oh yes you will. true love will smack you right between the eyes with kindness...and i love you too!

Trying to shorten your name... I refuse to call you 1old,... snoops is going to have to suffice.<br />
<br />
I sit here thinking the same exact thing. I sit and watch others and I think about my past and I wonder. But for all my wondering, aching, hurting; I have to say that my life has been what I made of it, better or worse. Yes, the pla<x>yers and their endless garbage and crap. I have my own personal pla<x>yer who tries to convince me how important I am while he can't quite keep his eyes off the statuesque ***** with the platform shoes and tammy-faye-baker make-up. It is what it is. The choices I made, some were mistakes. THIS asshat, mistake number 99,842...<br />
<br />
You deserve love, joy, happiness and fun. You are not here "just because." You have a unique purpose and a beautiful contribution to this world. Don't let the idiots define you. If you want to start talking fantasy lovers... I'm thinking happy thoughts!!!<br />
<br />

I said the same thing...she should call herself 1finesnoopydoll.

Snoops works - that is what most of my friends call me and it always gives me a giggle. I guess that is the reason why I am still "transforming". I am just trying to find an identity for myself. Thank you for the YouTube - I cried through it. ((super huggles))

You are such a sweet friend to me. When we meet (not if), we shall have such a wonderful time - watch and see!!

Oh, I sure know it!!! The players better watch out... TIE and SNOOPS breakin' out the top shelf goods and letting it all hang loose.

I agree with you my dear one. She is a special woman, isnt she? Hugs for both you ladies!!!!!!!!!

You know, I truly think that there should be a short and sweet way to sniff out the players. This site is full of them and they all come across and being so wonderful - well, at least in their opinion!! I keep hoping that my knight in armor will not fall off his horse before he gets to me - lololol!

Harley, AKH is truly a wonderful friend to me. She has "held my hand" on more than one occasion. She is on so little anymore and I miss her more than I can say. (((HUGS))) right back at you!! :)

I'm a dork... I thought that other msg was to me cuz my computer groups the replies rather than connect them where they go... {idiotic look on mah face}

sorry man...

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