One Big Fat Happy Family

I dream of meeting a feeder who will fatten me up to no end, but also, I imagine us having children who are fat as well. (i'm sure my genes will help) How I imagine it is, when they are babies, we'll overfeed them with formula (fat babies are super cute anyway) As they get older, they'll get to eat whatever they want, with moderate exercise to stay healthy. Daddy will feed mommy, and we'll both feed the kids. Of course I would homeschool them, teach them all about the fat life and fat positive things. We will spend most of the day eating, watching tv and rubbing our fat bellies. We would teach our kids not to be ashamed of being fat but to embrace the beauty of being fat.

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We are fattening our boy like a pig, we'll overfeed him and want him to be fat and naked. Max is 3yrs now and 79 Lbs. My wife is still brestfeeding him, but we also serve him burgers and pizza to get him as fat as possible.

Max loves to eat and gain weight, his chubby belly gets fatter and fatter....We want him to be as fat as possible and fatten him up to at least 125 Lbs. That would be a cute fat naked toddler....

Our goal is to fatten Max up to about 150 lbs before Xmas and make beautiful pictures of him as a fat cherub with wings. He's allways been naked and the cutest and chubbiest toddler ever. But he has to get fatter, and fatter, and fatter, and fatter....

Give us an update! Did he make his goal?

No, but Max still gained a lot. 91 Lbs now!

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Sounds so cool Id love that!!Message me

It is so nicely put !
Having a fat family with super cute fatties might be the paradise !

Sounds like a wonderful plan!

Mmmph <3 Sounds like a lovely life indeed, would love to be that guy XD ^^

Let's get started on this family then huh?

That sounds excellent!

Sounds like the perfect life! I would love to meet someone like you!

Sounds marvelous. jorourke

Wow ur views r so different form others i thought everyone wants to be slim and so do i, my bf always says he won't mind if i get fat but i just don't want to go fat coz then i'll become lethargic and lose my charm

A Wonderful dream..


Great idea!