Anyone want to tell me all your dirty secrets? Feel free I'm a good listener
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Add me I'll message you some dirty secrets

Check your inbox I just wrote you.

let me know - i will tell you all

Please do tell!!!

i will if you want to hear them

yeah .. they all say the same, but nobody replies when i message them. :(

I am a sex addict, I need help

U don't need help just someone to help fulfill. Your needs ;-)

I love talking dirty xxx

Mmm you dirty ***** inert you absolutely swallow and love sucking ****

Hey sexy add me. Id love to eat your ***** and **** your ***

I adore women's security feet. I love rubbing, kissing, licking and ducking every soft sq. Inch. Do you have pretty feet?

Add me and I'll talk dirty to you.

i could tell if i could message you

Would love to whisper them in your ear as I stimulate your body.

Hey how u x

I ****** a maid at a hotel yday in our bed whilst my wife was in the shower. She couldn't speak English I could tell she fancied me - she just let me take her clothes off I felt every part of her body a cummed in her ***** - she's coming back tomorrow afternoon when my wife's out u wanna join us?

But they're secrets

I edge all day then shoot loads into my wife.

What are your dirty secrets?

I am trying to inbox you but it is not allowing me to. I presume you have to message me first.

I would rather skip the chat and *** on you

Hello sexy I would love to chat with you

Id love to talk to you ☺️

Would you consider adding me?

**** my nieghbor hott young daughter

Is love to chat and talk dirty with you ;)

Hey sexy!!! You feel like gettin naughty.

Hi there. Would love to chat. x

Can't add or message you

Love to talk dirty to you ,and share my equally dirty thought and secrets,too.

Shure would love to :) pls check your inbox

U have kik ?

I would love to chat with you.