My Roommate Is Tv

We met a while ago and since i have a house with 3 bedrooms. She was unsure not knowing she was a cd/tv and i had my doubts for the same reason. So we have sucked each other but the most fun we have is blowing some guy and sharing him like a popsicle. We have had a couple of guys over and really went after it. The prostrate gland will make you com like crazy after having big ones slam you. its been fun having a cd roommate
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I envy you. Friend me. So we can swap

always good have some one help you

Do you help each other pr swap clothing?

Nice. One time I got all dressed and made up and went to find a **** to suck but at the adult bookstore in the back rooms I couldn't find anyone and I was so horny I jacked off on the floor and left. Wheredo you find ****?

yeah, even the local bookstore closed. still looking for a cd to dress with and play with -

Friend me andlets talk.

you are so lucky to have a roomate like that very nice for you

I wouldn't mind at all living in that situation.

It's awesome to share a hard, throbbing **** with another sissy and oh the yummy snowball kisses after He feeds us His ***, love it!

You are Hot! Friend me

Sounds lovely, I'm jealous. It's so difficult to find someone sane & nearby.

Would love to be the guy you are going after. That way I can get it from both ends!

Wow. I'd love to be there sometime. I enjoy both masculine and feminine rolls.

Add me plz

What a lovely situation you are in!

MY hubby is a cd, sissy. I guess he has his man outside. One of two suspects in my mind is his tenant in his loft. He has a loft close to his office.


Good times - Good friends - good peeps ... I need new friends