No End In Sight

I have been a cuckold for almost 4 years when my wife started taking lovers.  It was of course with my encouragement that she sleep with other men, but I never expected it do develop into what it is today.  The first time she cucked me it was with my best friend who was also her ex boyfriend.  I knew that he had been her first and I could never measure up to his big 9" ****.  I knew all the details about her sexual past, and when I finally got with her I knew that I could never give her what she had come to expect from sex. Losing your virginity to a big **** will ruin her for any small guys afterwards, and this case was no different.  We dated and married and while we had a good sex life, I always felt inadequate because I knew I just didn't measure up.  She seemed to enjoy sex, but always seemed a little frustrated and never completely satisfied.  When I approached her about ********** and her sleeping with another guy, she initially was not warm to the idea, but she did eventualy take an interest.  I told her many times how I would love to watch her **** JR, (her ex) and I knew he was hung.  Finally it happened one night at our place, and when he exposed his **** to us I was initially scared and nervous.  His **** was bigger than I had imagined, and was a full 9.5 inches with huge balls to match.  He was also uncut and watching Samantha play with it was more than I could take.  He slowly worked it in and let her adjust to his size as it had been a while since he ****** her.  All I could think about was how did he ever manage to take her virginity with that monster?   

That was almost 4 years ago, and they have been ******* eachother ever since.  She has taken others as well in that time frame, and I never get bored watching her **** other guys.  JR is her regular boyfriend, and he gets her whenever he wants, and ***** her more than I do.  She has admited that she does not really need me in the bedroom anymore, and I know its true.  He can make her *** over and over again.  My friendship with him has changed, he treats me with a little less respect than he use to, and while he does not come out and tell people, he drops hints whenever he can with friends and aquantances that he ***** my wife and theres nothing I can do to stop him. 

I hope he never stops ******* her, he is a real man and she deserves his big ****.

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You should **** her in the ***.