I Want Swap My Wife With Other Cpl


 i want convince her for swapp with other cpl. she is too hot & in night she is too sexy she suck my **** we are getting good sex. but i want that she agreey for swap but she refuse this .how to convince her.

manoj801683 manoj801683
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

You can try to convince her only, if only, you people are emotionally secured in your marriage.I am in this kind of life for 5 years and have known many Couples at personal level over the years and what i came to know from them about taking the giant step to embrace this kind of life style, its always talking it out with each other and the best time is when you people are having sex. thats the moment when you encourage yours spouse to speak from the heart the raunchiest desire and fantasy in sex is concern. Watch XXX movie which deals the subject of swap or group sex and then try to go deep into role play . Playing role of some one whom you want to have sex with or some one whom she want to have and it doesnt matter if they are real person or not.Once she is receptive to have imaginary lover having sex with her , she be more inclined to convert this fantasy into reality.If you can make her Net friendly then surf swinging life style sites and let her read an dchat there so that she knows that she or you arent the only one but there are more people who are into than one like to believe.I think this will work and you wont be regretting it.