Sorry to Be So Fastidious

 Funny how some guys believe tenderness is  impersonal  like the thoughtless sentences you mumble out, the cheap bouquet you buy when you should.

Well my tenderness is not that cheap. It goes with that obscene thing that's called friendship, or care, or sympathy. I've met people that give you five minutes' flowering romance and then turn into grumpy selfish non-partners. Luckily for me, i find that reversal pretty ironical.

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13 Responses Jun 20, 2009

Tenderness is something you should expect in a partner. It doesn't seem that has been your experience, yet. But that was more than three years ago. Hopefully your relationships have improved.

Thanks, that's comforting! I wish you the best :o)

Well it takes time to change your outlook , the way you relate with someone, you're expecting things you can't get. <br />
Also your ego gets pretty bruised, you need to build yourself another present first . Then you'll see if you two can be friends.

I think if someone is nice and thoughtful in an earnest way with kids, they can't be that bad!

Sorry about the repeated comment! I have a faulty link!<br />
<br />
he was raised that way, his mother thinks it's weakness to show affection.<br />
<br />
And true again, he is very tender towards kids

ouch, I'm sorry to hear that, LV, maybe he doesn't know how to be tender with a grown-up, but can express tenderness towards kids?

I think some people are incapable of tenderness and friendship, like my husband

The fanfare may be fun, but then silence is needed to listen.

And it's quiet...doesn't make a lot of noise...doesn't need the fanfare.

Yes, we need it, and we sometimes need to see it and be grateful for it.

All we need is love .. no other comments!

sure because you think you are justafied by what you see,,,,but not all things are as they seem,,,this is true,,,,I am just wanting to be a friend,,,not your life partner,,,but you say you want a friend,,,,this is where you begin,,,but don't you have friends that are really just your friend not wanting or specking much,,,but when they do speck its like their words speck stright to your soul,,,what of friends like that would you think that there are friends like that,,,or are my words just foolishness to your ears,,,Love and Light make everything right,,,Mary

Tender love is the best love.