Want Someone To Love

i just wanna fall in love one time i never had loved anyone still a virgin but thats not a problem i want someone with whom i feel occupied for whom i will do anything ,a person with whom i feel someones with me; hey if some guy with no specific choice can talk to me as i m all alone and never been in love
evilkilllingme evilkilllingme
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i wanna have krishna prem

What You are speaking of is called "The Heights of Love ~ True Love" ~ And it is The Peak - The CAPSTONE of Love that Few Ever Find...Truly. Most just have to "settle" for its mundane 'Reflection', which Soon dies (down)...and continue dreaming for the remainder of their lives about 'Real True Love."<br />
<br />
True Love Is A 3rd Force ~ And S/HE Is WATCHING You & EveryBody RIGHT NOW : No Lie!<br />
<br />
Be Worth - Become Worthy ~ Resonate With Her...And S/He Will Come To You In A Mysterious Action Called "Love At First Sight." Then, S/He Will Test You...For All Life Is Made of The Substance Of Love (HER), and Life Is A Game Of Love That S/HE Plays With You & EveryOne. S/He Invariably Wins...But SomeTimes...SomeTimes...S/HE Really WINS...And You Suddenly Find YourSelf...With Her ... ForEverMore. S/He Is Seeking You Just As You & EveryOne Are Seeking Her ... But She Cannot Be Taken By Force ~ EVER ~ And Is Extemely Fickle. S/HE Has Rules...The Laws Of Love, That must Be Obeyed, or S/He Will Quickly Leave...and Only Her TrailWinds of Love will remain behind...felt as Fading Love...Lost Love & Despair. <br />
<br />
Her Game Is Called: UNBEARABLE LOVE: The Heights of Ecstasy (ratio 1:9) & The Depths of Despair (ratio 9:1). This Is The way Of LOVE. Put them Together, And You Have Perfection: 10 (Binary Code Potency - Duality Blending, Two-Dualed-Into-One). Two Halves That MAKE ONE WHOLE! Yin-Yang. (You even Feel Whole!)<br />
<br />
There is Nothing Else That Is REAL down "Here" (Creation - The Pits of Density-Solidity-Materiality)...Just...HER.<br />
<br />
"Luck" has Nothing To Do With It! Just Whistle With Your True Heart...S/He Will Soon Be Upon You.<br />
<br />
Believe ~ And Play the Game.

nice one

I don't have a specific choice or anything like that I'll love you as long as you love me and can stay faithful :D