Either Way...if It Was With A Womyn Or A Man

.... the way I'd want to feel all the time..... cherished ,protected ,respected,wanted, desired,safe....loved....I want them to make me ache while their were away,,even if its a few hours...not necessarily in only that way of the bedroom kind of way ...but ache for heart ,warmth,smell,and touch. their laughter..even their tears... their.being....

In return be all that and more because I want to its the way i just am ....i want to be their sassy bodacious vixen....their friend, lover,companion,,,

I understand we need other people in our life to fill in areas a life partner can not ....I'm cool with that ...I just want to be that one who wants to be (she is the only one for me).....

can you have it all????
Bodaciouslybeautiful Bodaciouslybeautiful
36-40, F
Sep 20, 2012