Accepting, Human, Affectionate...forever

   I want a love that will never leave. A love that is accepting of our differences and imbraces those differences with a loving heart and open mind. I want someone who will take me at my worst, and deserve me at my best. Someone who will better away with me.

   I don't look at a person's physical appearance. It's the be all and end all of a person. I want the same consideration. I want a guy who can see at my worst and still honestly think I'm beautiful. Who doesn't have to lie or pretend I'm someone else to get his rocks off. I have proven that I can live without sex.... But I can't live without love. I die a little more each day I have to live without it.

   I'm looking for that forever kind of love.... I thought I'd found it so regardless of how bad it got, I hung on. Praying things would get better. It didn't....he just up and left. Now I'm alone again, and no longer trust myself or my feelings.... How could I when I thought he'd keep his promise to never leave? Why does everyone always leave?

  What am I doing wrong? Are people really so selfish and shallow that they can't see what I have to offer? Do men really take one look at me and just decide there's no way in HELL that they can love me? Why does physical beauty have to play such a big role in love? I look past people's looks, why can't I have the same consideration? Most days, I think I'm a pretty good catch. I mean, I'm sweet, affectionate, gentle, caring, and have a huge heart. Yet I always end up alone. I just don't understand why I can't have what are people have. I can work at a relationship, in fact I was the one doing all the work for the last year, DON'T want to do that again...SO DOESN'T WORK! Definitely have to have both people working at it!!


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Feb 20, 2009