I Want To Fly, Not From Coast To Coast, But Way Up High Above The Sky.

I want to fly, not from coast to coast, but way up high above the sky.
I am not depressed nor am I sad, but actually excited.
Excited about seeing the world beyond this one.
But I do feel like us humans are living the wrong way.
I am not a politician nor a philosopher, I am a freedom-truth-seeker.
I wish I can rule the world and bring happiness and real freedom to the world.
I believe that no man is free, unless all man are free.
I find that money is for games like monopoly, that we the world should play once in a while
instead of it being everyday-day-slave-like-thing. I feel like we are all brain-washed in the game.
I feel like we all should snap out of it and open our eyes to see what's truly fun and peaceful.
I feel like we all forgot our origins, turning more like into machines.
I feel like we are all being more confused ages by ages.
I feel like we are all hiding our true feelings and letting out the fake.
Day by day, instead of naturally we are growing artificially.
I do not wish to live this way until I perish so I'm hoping there's a world out there that I'm looking for.
Love all.
-Steven Seung Woo Lim, FlaRaWest, Vinsin LimRa(Sorry I have too many names)
VinsinLimRa VinsinLimRa
18-21, M
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I'm an "alien" technically anyway, I have genes from a parallel earth in me which make me resemble human parallels. It allowed me to connect to a machine brain interface in a kind of computer mounted on a salt flat in Death Valley California . That's how I found out what I was. If you would like to see some images I captured on a phone camera of parallel worlds check my profile under "other odd things" their not too clear but you can see them.

Whoa I don't know if your serious because Im very gullable LOL, but even if your not that is very impressive what you typed!

I'm serious but I have to admit I wouldn't be telling you this in real life for obvious reasons. Here is something else you might like


COOOOOOOOLLL SO UR A REAL ALIEN!!!!! awesome awesome... Do you think you can turn me into one of the greatest famous actor ever in hollywood? :D:D tehe..ehe.. PWEEZ..

Sorry I can't even help my self, what's more my friend in the parallel death valley can'tdo much either, he lives in a stone shack with no electricity or running water
And he is a whole lot more like your hollywood alien than me, about 7 foot 2 or so with a long face and eyes about twice the size of yours and mine, the guy just sits there watching that machine stuck in the salt flat and takes care of what ever people it sends through the membranes to him, they bring him food, clothing etc in return. The two of us have scheamed ways to get him a diesel engin with a compressed air motor to start it since the machine kills off anything electrical some how. He doesn't know much about the thing even, his ancesters built it 5000 years or so back and they just died out, didn't leave any information on it to speak of. Long story but, were just a couple of desert rats more or less. What I can do for you, I have already done, I gave you a look at your aliens. This compound universe or what ever it is seems to go on forever there are probably people out in it some where who could help you persue your art but I don't know where, in infinity, everything is a needle in a haystack I suppose.

wow that was amazing. i really believe in what ur saying.. so im guessing the machine brings him souls? wait plz talk to me more im 110 percent deeply into this plzzz tell me more....

The machine brings him people, that's what it is for, to allow people to cross the membranes, the images you saw on my profile are very likely showing through the membrains from other earths. The problem with the machine is it's brain interface it works something like this, though I doubt it's magnetic http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcranial_magnetic_stimulation it's a wireless interface that lets you connectto the machine the way a keyboard or a mouse can connect you to a computer only much more so, instead of audio , video, and text, you can all of those as well as smells, feelings, preceptions, and tactile sensations. The problem is, the interface was built for my friends ancestors to use the native people where he is were all but wiped out by i , he does what people like him have done for a long long time, take care of survivors. He told me, that if I wasn't so far away I would have died to, he said even a human would be killed if they were close enough, the only people who survived were those with certain genetic traits that made them compatible with the signal from the machine, a lot are only partly so, they are sick all the time, nausious, dizzy, depersonalised, I've felt it my self, it feels like someone is twisting your guts some people can't keep anything down for days. It can also make you feel like your being pushed right out of your head, you can look right down at your own hand and swear it's someone else's, when you talk it's the most bizarre thing ,you hear your own voice and it feels like someone else is speaking, then you trip out, because it's coming from your throat.
If you want to read more, I kept a journal when it all started I kept it for a short time but it covers events in the beginning , my sister and I still research it but I try to leave her out as much as I can, she's afraid of looking like a cook, me to but do write online anonymously.

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