i always take the bad news first.

for one thing, you just told me that there's going to be bad news, so it's already distracting from the goodness of whatever goodness you have. that's like your boyfriend saying, "hey, we need to talk. but only after this movie." not cool.

secondly, if the good news comes after the bad news, then it can only soften the blow. like if you had a choice of whether to take nasty-tasting medicine first or drink a yummy milkshake first. if you take the medicine first, then the milkshake helps get rid of the nasty taste. and if you drink the milkshake first then take nasty medicine then you have a nasty taste lingering with you.

typing this, i have suddenly come to realize that i feel strongly about this. weird.

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1 Response Feb 6, 2008

Isn't it strange how writing something out can help clarify how we feel about it? As it happens, I agree with your stand, and your points...but I think the real value of this story is the insight you found to yourself writing it.