Do You Want the Best For Your Pet?

   When I'm talking about giving your pets the best I'm not talking about a gold feed dish. I'm talking about keeping them SAFE.

  Don't use cocoa hulls for mulching it is just as poisonous to a dog as chocolate.

 Don't use Hartz flea ridding products there have been some animals especially cats that have died from them. Found that out from a rescue group today.

 Don't leave your pets outside without you being there with them there is a risk of them being petnapped breeds in particular that I know of as of this minute are Pitts,Rotts,Shitzuhs. There is a someone on the EP site that just shared a story about someone poisoning her kitten with antifreeze that she had left out for just a few minutes.

BECAREFUL if you are having to post your pet for adoption or whatever especially if they are Pitts or Rotts I know of a case where a owner posted their Pitt to someone who said that they had five kids and gave a GREAT story, the previous owner even went to the person's house for a visit only when they wanted to visit their dog again they found out they were scammed and they can't find the person or their dog.They are even offering a $2,000 reward to get their dog back.

If that's not enough to sway you go to   the next pet could be yours. Join darkmissy,me and the rest of our friends and help us put a stop to these scumbags.Help us to help you protect your pets.


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2 Responses Feb 6, 2009

From my point of view looking after a pet well means researching all the needs specific to the species, and then ensuring that your place has all those needs before the animal arrives.<br />
Most of us choose a social species, so we should have more than one of the same kind.<br />
We should be prepared to look after and train them appropriately for their entire lives, and to put their needs ahead of our own, because they are as dependent on us as children, and have no other options. This includes vet bills, and provisions for what may happen if our lives change dramatically.<br />
I have horses, who can live for up to forty years, so my commitment is to stay living here on this land.

thanks girl got alot of good info from this!