What A Beautiful World This Would Be!

Full of cankles, thunder thighs, double bellies, fat rolls, side boobs, fat boobs, fat moobs, double chins, lots of waddling and jiggling, and buffets every 5 feet!

We'd all eat and eat and eat until our bellies touch our feet!

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Let's start this story over! :)

Name one health benefit

Not dying during a famine.

That's true! lol

Less stress because you're not obsessing over every single calorie.

I 100% agree with this. fat everywhere! ^.^

Yes! Thank you for agreeing with me! I forgot to mention, lots of FUPAs everywhere!

Anyone want to continue this fantasy or start over?

In my own small way I'm already working to that end (lol)

Good job, Porky! ;)

Search google images for 'world's fattest man' and 'world's fattest woman'. They REALLY need to gain some weight, they're so skinny!


Size zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And that's only extra extra extra extra small!

Don't ya mean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl?

I meant that this would be ‘flat chested’

I meant: And that's considered flat chested.


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HMmmm... The health risks would have to be eliminated first...
that world would be beautiful...

I think human who become so huge should be together in space, in a weightless environment, stuffing more food into their bellies for science and propagating future fat generations for space exploration among the stars! --HXTP

And then aliens will come and say, "That's no moon, that's people in a fat station!" :D

Yes, that's right! --HXTP

We'd be in a fat station in our lives!


Round and round we grow! Where we stop, nobody knows!

Just so long as there's plenty of food wherever we stop. --HXTP

Oh, most definitely! More food than we know what to do with!

Just keep those round bellies as full as you possibly can. --HXTP

Was way too full last night! Let's continue that today!

Absolutely! The best way to gain is to keep as full as possible. Too bad I can't help stuff more in and rub the resulting swelling. --HXTP

I wish you could! You'd have me parade float size in no time flat!

That would be awesome!

More than awesome !

That is a truly excellent idea !

But boy oh boy are we gonna need some hefty rocket to get us all out there ! (lol)

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How much would you want to weigh after your first year in such a world?

500 pounds!

Is that all ! i'm dissapointed in you porky

How about 1000 pounds?

Now THAT's more like it hon !!

Oh yeah! 3000 pounds!

In this world there is a mobility pill do you can move at any weight! Second year? :p Think of the weight gain pills and shakes!

1,000 pounds!

It would be so cool to be so fat, have no limit and still be able to do your favorite things when everyone is fat too!

Yes it would! 4 foot hanging fat arms! 200 inch belly, basketball-sized moobs!

Sounds like heaven to me !

Just imagine! Fat kids too!
A little munchkin could be 400lbs and perfectly healthy! Love to eat and grow up to be a ton!
There would be automated food harvesters and things and 1% of the population to work with them that are normal weight.

That would be amazing! And special pants to hold it up! Special pills to double the size of your stomach so that it could hold 100lbs of food in a sitting!

Now THAT does sound good !!

And you've grown so huge that you never stop eating unless you're given 500 lbs in a meal!

And you can still walk with the help of super pants and belly trays and mobility pills! And you could be ten tons and not worry! Kids could weigh thousands of lbs and it wouldn't affect them! You could eat forever and still be like everyone else!

Eating and squishing my 20 chins!

Your chin could weigh 50 lbs! What would you eat the most of?

Mmmmm...yes it should! I'd eat tons of donuts and pizza! :)

Save some for me fatty! :)

You got it, porky! Now, blimp up! :P

How much do you think you could tackle in one meal?

cheescake, pizza, burritos, and donuts! 500 pounds worth!

How much would you weigh when you could tackle that much? :P

I'd say 3,000 pounds.

That would be awesome! Would you have a maximum weight in this world?

10,000 pounds!

Or more!

To eat forever! I would only go for like 1000-2000. But continue to gain in the future.

You guys do the super gluttony and immense weight gain fantasy! It's great. -HXTP

Isn't it though?


Feel free to take part!

How much would you want to weigh, your first year, in this unlimited world, Hxtp?

Mmmmm....super gluttony! :)

It's amazing! And we can make it happen!

Yes we can!

I dont know about Hxtp, but I would want to be at least 1000 lbs in my first year!

Good choice, fatass!

I think I'd want to weigh the full 2000 pounds the first year, and keep eating so that my belly gradually crawled across a room the size of the superdome with other guys being fed the same way. We'd have to see whose belly reached the center first.

Tons of stuffing! Your second year? And this is all awesome cause you could still be as active as your are now even in so many lbs of fat!

Well i would want to atleast x2 might weight each year!

Would you mind if one day you hit 5 tons?

Not at all as long as I am happy! :D

:D Just imagine your belly! It would spread on the floor when you let it loose! Your waist would be some 1000 inches around! Your feet, and legs absolutely rolled in lard! Your arms that hang 4 feet and span 11 feet around!


Sounds like heaven.

You could eat 200 lbs for a small meal and stick a tube filled with weight gainer in your mouth before a long rest!

And then the pumps would kick in and you could watch your belly swell out farther and farther, fatter and fatter.

Just gets better and better. As i get bigger and bigger!

Yes it does!

How fat would you want your partner to be? :p and would you fatten together?

I would want the to be smaller than me but still wanting to get bigger with me.

Eventually bigger than you?

Ahhhh, cool. Any other fantasies you'd have about this world?
After a while fat actually can revert to a man's p-e-n-i-s.
I would want to have my gf bigger.

Well I am a big gamer so somekind of vr helmet to play games with when I get to big for a controler.

You cheeks and chins would be too fat... Hmmm. Maybe two separate controllers, one for each hand!

I think my fingers would be to big for them by that point.


You never know ;)
They could probably squeeze you into a helmet.
Feed at the same time!

Maybe there would be a pill that could double your belly mass! All at once at any weight! So you could have a 2 ton belly and double it to 4 tons in one go!

Man that sounds great! Oh a thought on a game for this vr helmet, as you gain wight in this game you gain in real life and gain more weight for some acomplishments.

I love it!

Gosh it would be awesome! Especially with that belly pill you would have to wear pants to hold that much up! How much would you want to gain a year?
I would want to gain something like 500-750 per year.


Mabby 600-1000 a year may differ depending on how I feel that year.

Sweet. If you had kids would you care how fat they got since it doesn't affect their growth or health?

No if they want to get masive thats their choice, if they want to stay slim that's okay too, but I would want to see them "grow"!

What would you say if your they say they wanted to be the biggest possible?
And if, let's say your ten year old son hit 1000lbs?
And your toddler is 300!
Imagine, let's say you had a little girl an she was so big that she had NN breasts by 12! Huge fat kids would be awesome to gain with you!

I would encourage them to be the biggest posible and help them do so. As for the rest, I would be so proud.

Imagine by 12 he was 3000lbs and had moobs of Z cup size!

I would be envious that I was not that weight at his age, but proud all the same and help him get bigger still.

It would be amazing! Fat would be the world! We could live in gluttony and leisure! Imagine your newborn at 400lbs! With him constantly sucking down fattener formula! Your little 12 year old who can tackle 100lbs in a meal! And you who can take on 500!

Well sounds like I would need to step up my game so the 12 year old dont pass up his old man!

Ahhhhh :3 So you'd be hitting some 1300lbs a year I presume? That means by 80 years old you would be almost 75000lbs!


That would be fine woth me!

You share my fantasies ;)
I think that everyone on earth should be like this! To a point where generations pass and newborn babies after a month or so end up weighing 500-600lbs!

They would be big o ball of lard. XD

We'd all need some sort of low wagon for bellies that reach the ground and start growing farther and farther in front of us. Eventually, we'd need buffets served on our bellies because they'd bulge beyond our reach. I guess we'd need to be fed constantly and then push our massive guts on their wagons to the pool where we'd go to be force fed while floating. --HXTP


Such cute little babies C: They would be covered in rolls! With 5 year olds that are 1000lbs! Food is mass produced to such an extent that there is a surplus.

That would be awesome Hxtp! Or special pants with rollers on the bottom. Eventually we would need rollers for all sides.

I think so at least some sort of belly roller and another for those massive butts. These tow devises would probably have to be connected and have some side supports of those love handles that roll dow our sides. I wonder, Do you think that we'd get so fat that our butts would function like soft pillowed seats? --HXTP

I think so! Our boobs/moobs would act as tables!

I would assume so! Our butts may get to a point where they cover our legs and mid back completely. Our belly would probably hand over the sizes too. Our belly buttons would be a foot wide at that rate! Our moobs could be classified as ZZZ's!


Please give me a foot wide belly button! :)

And obese FFAs would massage our moobs!

But in this world everyone weighs over 500 lbs c:


It would be awesome! If you weigh over 900lbs you can pull your belly out in public! Our bellies would be huge an jiggly!

And sexy!

And very sexy! :)

Covered in cellulite!

Cellulite rocks!

My arms are getting cellulite a little!

Awesome! It would be cool if in this unlimited world, where fat would wrap around everything, cellulite and folds would cover everything! I'd wear special pants and go out, weighing 900lbs!

That would be so amazing!!!

Do you thing we could get something to make us taller and more muscular. I think I'd like to be around 7 feet tall and 400 pounds skinny so I could start stuffing myself and be stuffed by fat guys at about 2 pounds a day. I'd like to really go for that 2000 pound body and then see how much bigger I could grow in the next phase. --HXTP

Good goal!

I wouldn't want to be taller... Because our bodies would scale out.

We could always build a bigger scale! And someplace where immense fat was honored, the weigh in routine would become an important ceremony and celebration for new personal bests! --HXTP

Great idea!

Lets all get heavier and fatter!

My mom is making me do crew and I'm losing all of my beautiful fat :(((

Awwww....I'm sorry to hear that! :( You'll get it back! :)

But think about how fast it will return when you stop doing crew! --HXTP

Good point!

Let's start this story over! Reboot!


Still doing crew?

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