I Have A Demon Problem

Okay recently me and my girlfriend have experience shadow demons in in her sleep she gets attacked in have bruises on her legs she also has a pain in her chest and she get short of breath she's always cough what should I do she tells me she has outer body experiences she's fighting demons in her sleep do you know anything of this have you ever heard about it 1 more thing I also seen shadow demons and warm inside the house and there also cold spots I'll still get chills when round something but I can't really tell if it's good or bad if you can help me call me 7029810919
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I too experience the same sort of problems.

I commend you on your commitment to each other and to the Lord Jesus Christ. Please contact all or any of the following ministries with your situation; beyond the advice already given, there is not much more I can do for you. I have no practical experience in expelling demons/poltergeists, etc., only book knowledge. Joyce Meyer and Jimmy Swaggart are a few that come to mind. Also Dave Hunt and John MacArthur may be of assistance. Contact all of them, don't put it off. PLEASE READ THE GOSPEL OF JOHN FIRST AND THEN THE OTHERS PAYING PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE PARTS WHERE JESUS EXPELS DEMONS. And pray. A lot. Things CAN get worse. I have nothing to gain from this and am putting myself and my family at risk by advising you. I WILL pray for you. "For the fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much." From the Book of James.

Thank you for the knowledge you gave me God bless

I love her a lot I don't want her to go threw all this

Ok were both Christian and we believe in Jesus and his father lord god

Until now, for all I knew, you did not. Moving forward, there are different kinds of paranormal activity; poltergeists, spirits of dead people who have a mission or message for living relatives and yes, demonic oppression and possession. Diagnosing between them from afar is difficult at best, impossible at worst.
Here are a few signs of genuine demonic oppression; the ability of the subject to speak in different languages, telekinesis and knowing intimate details of people's lives that could not be known by humans otherwise. There are others. There are varying degrees of demonic activity from things moving by themselves, to the activity you describe and more.

Basically, what I am saying is that the Name of Jesus Christ is what demons fear most. They can't beat Him and must obey Him. There are examples in the Bible where Jesus encountered demons and He discharged them from their unwilling human host. The exorcist must command them to leave in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are calling on His Power, not their own, to cast them out. I would recommend that you contact some of the major evangelical organizations for help. Most of them do not publicize their work in this area, but many do it. Don't try it on your own, demons are far superior then us in terms of power and intelligence. Get help.

I believe in Jesus what are you saying

Whether you believe it or not is not important, but the Lord Jesus Christ has power over all spirits, negative or otherwise. You can get into even more trouble without Him. Ritchie Blackmore, ex lead guitarist of Deep Purple, was heavily into sorcery for awhile. He had a caretaker who mocked the whole thing, got possession and had to go for an exorcism. If course this is only something I read about concerning a rock star.
In the West, possession is treated as a mental health issue and most of the time it is. In places like India and Africa this is much more commonly accepted as a negative entity and dealt with accordingly. There are many accounts of Christian missionaries encountering this and successfully expelling the demons as God directs in His Word. Some demons leave easily, and some may take days. Also look up a writer named Kurt Koch on Ebay or abebooks.com. He had numerous encounters with demons and was successful in expelling them. He had one book called "The Devil's Alphabet" and another whose title slips my mind at the moment, that had many case histories. Get anything by him. Read the places where Jesus expels demons in the four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

try abebooks.com or Amazon. I thought Borders went south.

Look up a book called "Hostage to the Devil" by Malachi Martin. Five case histories of possession and deliverance with details of the victims, how they got possessed, the exorcists backgrounds and the exorcisms. Also try a writer named Corrado Balducci, I forget the name of his book(s). You are dealing with a supernatural being with powers far greater then your own. If in fact it is an actual demonic force at work. Read your Bible, particularly the parts where Jesus confronts and expels demons. Pray. A lot.

Ok do you know if boarders book carry it