I Had The Fairy Tale

I have had the fairy tale, and it was truly wonderful, but maybe that is why it did not last...because it was a fairy tale...and not based in reality.
When I was in my teens and early 20s, I loved to read Mills and Boon romances. They left me with a warm inner glow, and a lovely feeling of bliss for the "lucky" couple. Within a couple of years, I had outgrown romance novels. I found them boring, and unrealistic...which they are. I was into adventure, historical novels, and intrigue. I alway enjoyed the ones with a bit of romantic tension, for the protagonist, but these romances where not the focus of the book, and based more in reality. It wasn't until early last year, when I went through a traumatic experience that I once again turned to romantic novels. I had a lot of time on my hands, and I would read one book a day. It was an escape to get me away from the pain of my life at that time. I read these books for months, and even though I am now much older...I am always the romantic...I started to long for the kind of romance I was reading about. Of course being older and wiser, I knew these romances were pure fiction, but it did not stop the emotional longing for one. I could feel exactly what the female protagonist was feeling. Again, the novelty wore off after several months of reading this genre, and they became boring again.
However, who should come along, on EP, and give me the experience of living one of these romances. I'm not going into detail because it's personal and only between us, and I still love him...oh the love was real...on my part, at least. And this romance came just before another traumatic experience in my life, and he was truly my hero, and stood up to the plate, and got me through. And, maybe that is why I feel such an attachment and bond with him. They say when you go through something traumatic with someone, you form a bond, and I think that is what happened with me. He never failed me during that time, and I believe that's when and how this very strong attachment to him developed. But unlike a fairy tale, and these romance novels, it did not have a happy ever after ending.
Still, I have wonderful memories, of the good times, and I am glad that I met him, and experienced this kind of romance...and love...at least I can look back on the last 21-years, and have some nice memories.  Without this experience, there would be virtually none....but that's another story....and I have already written several stories on this period of my life.
So I have had the fairy tale...it's over...and I doubt I will experience anything like it again. I do hope for a more realistic romance in the future, but one that still increases my heart rate, makes my heart sing, and makesI  me feel wonderfully alive and happy.
Carissimi Carissimi
56-60, F
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love never dies.