Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 1 In E Minor, Second Movement

I think this is possibly the most beautiful piece of music in the whole world. My mother used to play it on the piano when I was a very small girl, after I had gone to bed. I would lie in the darkness and feel very happy and sad at the same time.

Now I have it on CD, and sometimes when I have the mean reds and can't shake them, I listen to it over and over again. It's the only thing that helps.

This is a decent performance I found on YouTube:


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1 Response Jun 11, 2008

I know exactly which moment you're talking about! It's unearthly, how gorgeous the music is. <br />
<br />
There were lots of videos of Yundi performances on YouTube. I don't think I'd ever heard of him before. I always love to watch the pianist's hands...even more than his face. His are very, very gentle as he plays, even in a crescendo or forte. It's a shame the sound quality isn't a bit better!