The Mistress

My husband was not giving me the time of day, so I started a online fling big mistake. After he found out about it I moved out and he started his own think while trying to get me back to the house.I moved back in and he forgave me so he said. He was still seeing the other woman and lying to me that he wasn't. It has been a year and he is still seeing the other woman and I know he is. I am at my worst end because we agreed to work to put our marriage back on track, now I want to move out again because I can't take it anymore.
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3 Responses Jul 6, 2010

I wonder what he's telling the mistress, if he still has one.

are you sure that he is still seeing the other woman? Otherwise it might just be paranoia infecting your relationship beacuse of the two affairs. Talk to him.<br />
If u are sure tho, dont let him mess you around. Youve redeemed yourself, there is no need for you to feel guilty or to let him treat you this way. Tell him that you will not have it. good luck

Any info, advice, ect. is welcome