well I don't like pain even though I live with it almost all the time. So no death and killing is not right. When some one is killed for just an idea and no threat in action it is wrong. It is up to each and every person and what they feel about life and what to get out of it. So it is wrong to kill some one for what they believe in. But life is not fair or so I have been told. I would like a great many things but we are surounded by people like me all a bunch of lunatic of course I have no need to kill any one seeing as I find it wrong and don't like pain my self I would never bring it upon another for that very reason. I might not like what some say and believe only because many try to force their understnading upon another the old my way or the highway kind of thing.
solarregeneration solarregeneration
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Jul 23, 2010