Uvenalis Iuvenilis Protesto

It's not that I want to take of the restrictions to the "mature" areas of Ep - I know they're out there and have no interest in children roaming them freely. But there are problems. . .

~1 The problem: As currently set - an adult cannot see an under eighteen-year olds profile without the youth having circled them first. There is no way For the adult to contact the youth asking to be circled - thus you've completely cut off all contact. Regardless of the Adults intent - serious overkill.

~1 The solution: Give us the option to sack the entire block altogether, that way those who are interested in speaking with adults can can have that option. While those that would rather hang out with their own age range (the majority) can do so. You already have a blocking system. And a very clear message to block anyone who acts inappropriately. There's no need for the Ban.

~2 The problem: In the current youth settings, Ep has it so we cannot join Groups labeled "mature" All very fine and good . . . Passing by the fact that the large majority of Teenagers are more sex obsessed than the adults in the group itself. . . But never mind that for now. I'm not going to make that an issue, as there are some battles you can win, and some that you quite simply cannot. My point is that under current settings anything with a story labeled "mature" automatically goes into "mature" as I found quite to my chagrin - as I was unable to get back into a group I myself had created after such a story was posted there.

~2 the solution: First of all having any group with a mature story in it turn automatically mature - is stupid. Just about any Experience can have a sexual element to it. The most innocent "I love daisies" can mean something completely different to a person with a daisy fetish as it does to everybody else. So Ep should scrap the automatic changing. Only Groups that where originally created as mature should be inaccessible. I can't tell you how angry I became when I was unable to enter the "I am a priest" group because it was "mature" Let's stop that.

It all boils down to a basic principle that no one seems to recognize. You make something impossible legally? Something that the people see as morally justifiable - It forces them to do it illegally, out of sight of Authorities protective eye. What do you think a youth does when he finds he cannot get into "I am a priest" because it's in the "mature" category? He changes his age to eighteen and strolls right in. He would rather be truthful, he would rather not have to deal with all the sexual aspects of the site - but there is no other way.
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18-21, M
Aug 2, 2010