Buy Goods Made In The Usa.

Recently many people in Bangladesh have died making goods for the large corporations in the USA. Not only was Wal-Mart involved, but other companies as well.  We must stop this.  These corporations are greedy and do not care about the poor people they pay slave wages to whild LOCKING them inside the buildings to make these garments or whatever.  Stop these companies and let's start now!  Pay attention to where something you purchase is made.  If it is made any where but the USA, please do not purchase this item.  Christmas may be sparse, but at least we will have accomplished givng to our Country the money we desparately need.  These corporations do not need any more money.  Stop buying things made in China or elsewhere, or all too soon China will own us.  How would that be for you?!  Help our country by purchasing made in the USA.
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I don't know. I think made in Holland would, for me, be a nice change. Hopefully harsh working conditions would not be used in Holland. I would hope lead paint would not be used either. Some things from China have had poisons on them, or so I've heard. I admire Holland. Your country has a very good reputation here in the States. It would not bother me nearly as much as the Made in China thing. Thanks for the comment.

I agree, but what about "made in Holland"? ;-)

I thank you all for your kind stories. I don't think I care if things are made in Canada, or in the Americas, but to send to China, I do not like. They wish to own us, and will if we do not stop this out sourcing mess. At the moment, I think USA and Canada are safe choices. I feel so sorry for the people who werer locked in both those factories in Bangladesh recently. How horrrible to burn to death. That is so awful. I think the people who locked those doors should be brought to trial on grounds of Crimes Against Humanity. I cannot get that horrible picture out of my mind. It was a true horror story. May the Higher Power forgive those who locked them in.

<p>&nbsp;<p>Excellent story and 100% true!</p><p>We are giving our country away by not keeping jobs and companies HERE within the United States...YES! This is how we flourish as an economy and a country. I read just the other day on MSN that China is surpassing us ECONOMICALLY NOW. Fast and cheap is a lot of the products out of China too. We are giving away our goods and sevices and in return we get CHEAPLY made items and no one seems to care?<br />
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Greed...everything stems from greed and not caring about others getting hurt as you wrote about. It all comes down to the dollar over another's well being. <br />

Thank you, AirstreamNudist. I have really been shocked at the things I am finding which are made out of this country. I am not angry at the countries who are outsourced to, I am angry at the companies who do the outsourcing. They are already filthy rich and are having these goods made by people who get paid pennies on the dollar, because they are poor and need whatever they can make. When these people died in Bangladesh, I was ashamed at Wal-Mart, Sears, and Disney. These are three of the richest companies in the world. Why would they not give our people the chance we really need. Yes, it may cost more for them, but they CAN afford it. It is unbeivlable to me that they want more and more money. Take care and thank you for the positive feedback.