No Pain

I am trying to escape pain. I want to find a way to do it so I feel nothing. I don't want to fail again...
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36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Doable. Very doable. Takes some thinking outside the box since so many of the fine methods of yesteryear have been frustrated by laws intended thwart suicides. This is certainly true in the US. Nowadays it is method plus technique that gets it done. Makes me wish I had done the deed about 30 years ago. But it can still be done without suffering.

If you want to die, extract the oleander leaves juice and drink tat one. within half an hour you will die without any pain.

You do not say if you have tried counselling,you do need to talk to someone about all this ,someone non judgemental,which could give you some directions and help you to believe in yourself,because you are very valuable and unique,the people who told you different picked on you because they did not want to look at themselves,or they projected their crap on you,they may even have been jealous of you,my own sister was my worse enemy,she did me a great deal of harm just because she could,she was 15 years older than me and could have been a mon to me,but she chose to be a nasty piece of work instead.Some of us are quite unlucky with our "families",someone did tell me she was jealous of me.Don't let someone like that stop you seeing and accepting yourself for the wonderful person you are! Take care.