A Death That Could Kill An Idea

Listen guys, we only die once so we'd better do it right.  Me?  I want my death to be a beautiful swan song dedicated to the eradication of my physical being. I want to die like Barry Allen did, saving the Multiverse from a threat no other could avert.  While I'm dying I want the damsel in distress to attempt in utter futility to nurse my wounds only for me to gargle "Don't worry toots...like Peter Pan said..."to die would be an awfully big adventure...".  I want my demise to be all over YouTube (without a System of a Down song playing in synchrony) and a Wikipedia account of it.  My preference would be that conspiracy buffs attribute my death to extra terrestrials or deities as opposed to the CIA or Mafia.  I want a funeral without a coffin; to have one present would suggest a part of me was salvaged.  Ideally my body would explode like a supernova, and collapse upon itself creating a black hole destroying my enemies.  When I die I want the Gods to envy me and blow the horns that herald Ragnarok just so the next generation of Man can say that the Old Gods died when I did.  I don't want to die, but when it happens I want it done right.

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5 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Do you still harbor such lucid death fantacy's???
I think I might enjoy being deleted with you...

finally a death i can relate too

Uh, yeah. <br />
<br />
Imagine what you could be in life if you took all of this imagination and put it towards something worthwhile like,say, cleaning your room for starters which I am sure is real junky with Star Wars and Star Trek action figures. And then after that clean the kitty litter box and take out the trash. Kay? :)

Ha ha, well... good luck with that.

This IS ME. Why you copy? What about copyrights? ROFL