When Is It My Turn.

When do I get my chance at real love? When will someone appreciate me as much as i do them, appreciate the way that I am a giver, the way that i love unconditionally, and the way that i am everything everyone wants but looks past.  When do I get my turn to be happy and laugh at all the wrong times, but have someone love me all the same.  When do i get to be myself without someone judging me and looking down at me.  When do I get to meet that one true love, get the chance of a real life, to not struggle anymore within myself, to have the support and admiration of someone.  when?

OceanicDebris OceanicDebris
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 24, 2009

I ask myself this all the time. I guess when the time is right, it will come. Until then, never give up!<br />
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Best of luck! Feel free to pm me if you like.