I Think It Is

I think it was always meant to be, and i think i actually see that now! 

I think it will be a great adventure and that will only be reflecting the greatness of me!

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

My adventure seems to be that which happens as I walk along. It's been good, full of good, lots of gratitude. Then I sit and wonder where will it go. I get lost trying to see the road ahead. When I do that it's like trying to move both feet at once, rather than taking one step at a time. Yes, it is possible, but, it becomes clumsy. As far as failure is concerned, I see that it comes from thinking that a certain outcome is necessary, rather than the one that actually happened. It's a matter of judging the present moment by some past expectation. Perhaps the failure was in the expectation.
I am blessed. I sometimes try to hold on to the blessing, rather than to share it, to release it. Blessings are are energy and energy has to move to be effective. I feel best when I don't judge a blessing as being more than it is; when I judge it as "my" blessing, rather than a blessing that is passing through me. Yes it is good, but it is not mine. It's like eating good food, it does it's best job for the body after the good taste is gone and simply a memory. If that is the only food one takes in, there is a weakness that results.
Ahh ... but it is good, because I can see what is good, true and beautiful.
I saw a cloud in the sky and knew immediately that it was exactly where it was supposed to be. I am too.


First off thank you for leaving your wonderful impression, once again!
Ironically just before I noticed the notification of your comment I was on the road and the car had to slow down because there was a raven on the road. I continue to think of you when I see a raven, and remember the conversation I had with some of them. Lo and behold you stopped by and left a beautiful present.
Many of your words resonated with me. I tend to be quite hard on myself everytime I 'try to see the road ahead, or move both feet at once'. Not to mention it's not so peachy in that web of fear and anxious anticipation of the future. Meanwhile life is likely just as lovely as it was before and will be so in the after.
I have had so many moments of gratitude and mmiracles. I certainly have enough evidence to believe in magic and love and that such is life unto all of us.
What I have experienced is amazing and I see that I can learn to love, myself included, more.
I was just thinking about a beauty of experiencing a lack in something, or a delay. I thought this as I attempted to connect to the airport's wifi. It was much slower than the data on my phone. It reminded me of those times where I didn't even have access to the internet, or the time when nooone had access to the internet. To have slow access is a blessing, a beauty. To have fast access is a beauty. To have no access could very well be a beauty. All beauty is measured in comparison to something else, as with any other observation. Then I thanked for the access I did have.
Thank you again, and I wish you all that your heart desires and much more of love and magic!

We always have access to love and magic; to goodness, truth, and beauty.

It's definitely an adventure. I think.
It appears that currently it is the dark days part of the adventure, nonetheless it is an adventure. And hopefully overall a beautiful one. It's peculiar that I see this, yet I see this not, at present. I am blessed, yet I feel damned and at the mercy of truth. I once wrote something along the lines of this; "Damned be I that failed. Damned be I that won. Damned be I that died. Damned be I that rose."

Perhaps each moment of dark has purpose. Thank you for asking. How is your adventure?

How is the adventure proceeding?

Adventure! What would it hurt anyway? Think ... it is an adventure no matter what. There's drama, laughter, stupification, pain, ecstacy, love, life is an adventure!