This Would Be Awesome

As both the psychology nerd and the Sims fan I am, I would love these two things to come together!  There is obviously already some psychology in the current version of the Sims 3, but I want more!  I think this should be an expansion pack or something.  Maybe they could partner with the APA or APS to do this.

The Psychological Edition would have more ways to modify your Sims' personality.  For one thing, I would love to be able to choose a Myers-Briggs type for my Sims.  There could be many other ways to modify personalities too, like to choose between types A and B.  You could also rate your Sim's traits from the 16PF too.  Maybe also you could choose which Freudian psychosexual stage they are in!  I can't think of how else you could modify their psychological traits off the top of my head, but there has to be more.  The possibilities could be endless!

I know...this is an extremely nerdy idea...but what can I say?  I'm a nerd!
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I'll need what?

Which other game?