This is my tongue..and it's naturally like this lol. But I've been wanting to split it a tiny bit more:P
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That's crazy...! How the hell? Lol
That split is natural is it? The body is an Amazing thing. Tbh you should get a little bit extra. Women with tongue splits are both scary and sexy...I've also heard that guys can feel a big difference when they're getting head from women with that type of bod-mod! X

It is natural! But when I talk you don't see it, it looks normal until I stick it out! Lol:) I just want to get it a tiny bit more split. I won't go extreme like the lizard man lol
But I can totally tell that men would feel a difference, bet they would really enjoy it lol

Indeed. Lizard man is waaay OTT for me anyway.
So surely your bf has told you if it makes a difference?

He notices and enjoys it lol:)

not sure about that babe!

Don't think so? Lol :)

actually now I look again, you look like a cute little dragon! I'll call you Spyro...

Haha thanks:P