Facial expression

I usually use koala as a nickname when I'm online, so I looked for a nice pic of a koala.

I had a very nice koala pic supplied by an EP friend, but some other people started using it too (because it was in the popular press).

I found my current one via Google. One look at the stunned look on its little face and I felt "That's me!" It really looks like it's saying "Huh? What?" I can so identify with that feeling. LOL
Koala1964 Koala1964
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3 Responses Jun 29, 2010

Just you? So you look like Angelina Jolie with wings? Very nice :-)

I'm an Aussie too, which is another reason why I use the koala as my avatar :-)<br />
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That's a great avatar you have, c8lorraine.

Wow he's very young and tiny ! <br />
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Im an Aussie and you don't often see Koalas (hiding in trees) let alone one just out of pouch<br />
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My avatar was a gift from a fellow EPeep, to cheer me up when I was at home in bed recovering from major surgery, nearly 2 years ago now !